Cheating Partners

Is your partner/spouse cheating – how can you know for sure? Before are some possible signs of cheating. If you have any questions for the Shadow – feel free to post a comment or post.

Top signs of a love cheat #1

  1. Your partner is receiving an unusual amount of texts.
  2. This excessive phone communication will rise gradually. At first it will seem a little unusual but as the affair turns from flirtation to infidelity a number of patterns will occur.
  3. The phone will receive texts at unusual hours.
  4. Your partner will leave the room to reply to those texts.
  5. Your partner will become especially protective over their phone

Top signs of a love cheat #2

1. Your partner is continually tired.
2. Your partner is working longer hours even though you thought things were quiet with the business.
3. When you do see your partner they don’t have much time for you, they are not affectionate and when you    wonder why, they reply ‘ I’ve been working very hard recently’.