Summons Serving

We provide a very thorough summons service. For the fee agreed, we will not only deliver the summons but if for any reason we cannot make contact with the defendant, we will make two further attempts to deliver the summons. If at that stage we have not presented the papers then we will make every effort to establish whether or not the defendant is still residing at the address and even perhaps find their new address. If we can establish their new address with relative ease then we will attempt to serve the summons at the new address for the fee already included.

We are used to a wide variety of responses from the people who are served anything from bewilderment to aggression. We handle every delivery of papers with the utmost professionalism and tact.

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People Tracing

By far our biggest request for services involves tracing the whereabouts of people. There are a number of reasons behind this request.

  1. Imminent Litigation

Usually a client through a solicitor will contact us in relation to assume wrong that has been done to them. This usually involves a case where one party has either borrowed or not fulfilled their services and now are refusing to pay back the money owed. On some occasions this involves businesses suing for financial mismanagement but on many occasions it is ordinary citizens who have been deprived or defrauded of their hard earned money. They have all the papers ready for court but now they face the problem of locating the home address of the individual involved in the litigation.

Usually with our basic search service most people can be found relatively easily. On other occasions when the subject to be found is taking more elaborate steps to avoid detection, a longer process is required. In either case, our agency has an excellent track record in tracing the whereabouts of various individuals. Through using the best practice of Data Protection, we will find these individuals making it possible for our clients to proceed with an important step in their lives.

2. Tracing an Old Friend

Tracing old friends is a common request. Often times a client who may have left the country to work abroad starts to think about an old acquaintance. They begin to wonder how that person is getting on, if they have ever married or have a family. We have an excellent track record in locating these individuals and providing contact details either through the post or through a Facebook link.

3.  Summons Serving

Sometimes a summons cannot be served because the defendant (or person to be served) has changed address. It is our job to find a new address and this is a common request.

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Delinquent fathers in Ireland

There are many fathers today who do their best to avoid paying anything for their children. Usually I see this after a bitter separation when the lines of communication between father and mother have either broken down or are on the verge of collapse.

There are two sides to every story but the only truly innocents in any break-up are the children. A mother may use the children as a weapon to hurt the father who may or may not have been guilty of a marital affair but this is irrelevant when deciding child support.

I have seen violence and abandonment from both sides, morally from my point of view its rarely black and white. However despite all the turmoil between two adults I believe in two certainties, a father has a right to see his children ( provided of course he is not a threat to them ) and that father should pay for the maintenance of those same children.

I am increasingly being told about those delinquent fathers who pay nothing. They seem to think that selfishness is the order of the day and priorities such as the pub, cocaine use and new girlfriends are all that count. Some are claiming they are not working and some are even collecting social welfare while insisting on this claim. In such cases a private investigator may be used.

The subject may be working part-time or is a traveling sales man or a software operative who works from home, not all cases are easy. You cannot entrap the subject. For instance I could not ring a subject and ask him to work for me and produce such evidence in court, it would be regarded as being tainted. He must be witnessed working independently of your interference, this takes time, patience and money to build a case.

There are other subjects who have been filmed parking a van in their own drive with the name of their work place emblazoned all over it. These same subjects travel to work at regular hours and return regularly. At the same time they are quite capable of sitting in the witness box and perjuring themselves.

A private investigator can be a valuable ally in proving your case. He or she can be experienced in giving evidence and quite adept at answering on cross examination.

Make sure you pick the right legal team. The first step is to speak to your solicitor, but don’t settle with the first solicitor you meet. Interview them on their experience in the family courts and make sure he/she understands exactly what you want. Always be factual and try to avoid a nonsensical rant.

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Top signs of a love cheat #1

  1. Your partner is receiving an unusual amount of texts.
  2. This excessive phone communication will rise gradually. At first it will seem a little unusual but as the affair turns from flirtation to infidelity a number of patterns will occur.
  3. The phone will receive texts at unusual hours.
  4. Your partner will leave the room to reply to those texts.
  5. Your partner will become especially protective over their phone
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